Here you will find all the frequently asked questions and answers regarding the GPA calculator and grade point average.

To convert percentage into a 4.0 GPA, you can use this formula:

GPA = ( x / 20 ) - 1

Where, x = Percentage of score

Let's take an example.


A student gets 75% of score in the History course in his final exam. Convert the percentage score into GPA.

Here, x = 75%

GPA = ( x / 20 ) - 1 = ( 75 / 20 ) - 1 = 3.75 - 1 = 2.75

Hence, we can say that the student got 2.75 GPA in his final exam.

You can add an infinite number of courses to the calculator. There is no specific limit for that.

You can find your college grades using the grade calculator and final grade calculator.

No, it's totally free of cost online tool. No subscription charges or usage limits. Also, no login or signup required for using the tool.

No, you can not run this tool offline. Because it's an online web application. You must have an active internet connection and a smart device to use the tool.