GPA Calculator

The GPA calculator is used to determine the college or high school grade point average based on the course credits and grades received.

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About GPA Calculator

The GPA calculator is a free tool where you can compute your college, high school, or cumulative GPA. Also, it's a free and easy-to-use tool. Just select the grades and enter credit hours and get the GPA results in an instant.

GPA Calculator - Calculate College or High School GPA

How to Use the GPA Calculator?

It's very simple to use the tool. Just follow the steps below to get started.

  1. Firstly, enter the course name (i.e. Maths, Physics, Chemistry, etc...) in the first column. It's an optional. But don't skip it. We recommend you enter the course name from the beginning. Because it will help you to differentiate the exam grades and credit hours.
  2. Next step is to select the letter grades from A+ to NP. It's a second column where you can find these selection options.
  3. After that, enter the credit hours that you have earned from each course. Also, you can find it from your class teachers or the school website.
  4. If you are calculating GPA for less than 4 courses. Then it's Ok! But if you want to add more courses then simply press the "+ Add Course" button to add more rows. Also, you can add as many courses as you want. There is no limit on that.
  5. There is an optional field to enter your previous semester's cumulative GPA and credits. You can enter these values if you want to find an overall (Previous + Current) GPA for your term.
  6. Lastly, press the "Calculate" button to start the calculation process.
  7. Finally, you will see the grade point average, total credit hours, and full GPA calculation on your screen.

Why Use College GPA Calculator?

There are several reasons to use our calculator.

  • Measure Academic Progress: It helps you to keep track of your academic progress throughout the semester or academic year. After each term, you can calculate your GPA and identify areas where you need to improve and take action before it's too late.
  • Quick and Accurate Results: Our tool gives grade point average results quickly and accurately. Also, it reduces the need for manual calculations. Because it's time-consuming and there is a chance to get errors.
  • Check Eligibility for Admission: Many academic programs or institutions require minimum GPA criteria to get admission. By using our tool, you can easily determine whether you meet the GPA requirements for the programs or not.
  • Stay Motivated: Our tool can help you to stay motivated by providing with a measure of your academic progress. So, you can see your GPA progress over time and stay motivated to continue your hard work and strive for future success.
  • Compare GPAs: Students may want to compare their GPA with their classmates. So, our tool allows them to see how they perform against other students and helps them find where they need to work on.